Female Supremacy

March 2, 2009






I realize Female Supremacy is unconventional in every sense of the word and I respect those who do not agree with same.   I like to think of myself as liberated from the illusory notions of convention, equalitarianism, social conformity and so on. I think most people who aspire toward an “alternative lifestyle” can—or should—understand those latter sentiments well enough.  I do not expect everyone to agree fully with the things I believe in. I’m aware the idea of Female Supremacy is (to some) an evil and absurd concept, but even the boldest objectors must concede Female Supremacy is the beneficiary of certain irrefutable truths, truths written into the hand of Nature itself.   

I also realize not all female supremacists share the same ideals.  It is my own belief that  Female Supremacy is not rooted in misandry; it is about celebrating and honoring Women as the primary sex. Female Supremacy is a doctrine of harmony between the sexes based on our biological qualities and roles.   Though following and living out certain principles and philosophies, we do not believe in imposing our way of life upon others in any sense. We only wish to live the way we choose with those whom share in our beliefs and ideals.    We do not hate men at all.  We simply advocate for women’s empowerment in areas such as businesses, schools, societies, etc… and wish to create a society based on matriarchy ideals.


4 Responses to “Female Supremacy”

  1. inferiorxy said

    Below are some links for those practicing Female Supremacy to consider reading. If you’re not into FS, skip to the end.

    Again, it is up to the individual to follow along the path right for them and their happiness.

    There are many areas of research that not only validate Female Superiority, but prove it in black-and-white. “Might makes right” has been an idea males have enjoyed using for centuries to justify their influence, but it’s also perhaps important to note their status of the stronger sex makes them prone to being sacrificed for labor and war. Again, Warren Farrell’s book fleshes that out quite well.

    Science is about discovering truths about our universe which can be tested and verified conclusively. Thus far science has revealed that women are genetically more complicated—and complete—than men, as well as less prone to genetic diseases, have more advanced nervous systems, and so on. This is what the objective facts reveal. That is why good science is so wonderful; it is objective.

    While science may be full of objective facts, the scientists themselves are not at all passionless robots in their observations or feelings. I will let a few individuals speak for themselves. Take from these snippets what you may.

    “Males are wilting away…. From sperm count to social status, and from fertilization to death, as civilization advances those who bear Y chromosomes are in relative decline.”

    “”Oh no!” I can hear you say, “Not superior, but equal, partners, complementary, different, but not superior. What an idea!” Men will mostly smile, while women, alarmed, will rush to the defense of men as women always have and always will.”

    David Bainbridge
    Reproductive Biologist
    Author, The Natural Superiority of Women

    “Outside the segments devoted to the small tasks of manhood, most of the y is filled with decay. It has degenerated because it abjures the messy business of sex.”

    “Males are, in many ways, parasites upon their partners. Their interests are to persuade the other party to invest in reproduction, while doing as little as they can themselves.”

    Steve Jones
    Geneticist, Author

    Girls, not boys, come out wired for mutual gazing.

    Girls do not experience the testosterone surge in utero that shrinks the centers for communication, observation and processing of emotion, so their potential to develop skills in these areas are better than boys’.”

    Louann Brizendine
    Neuropsychiatrist, Author

    “Originally the Y-chromosome was a perfectly respectable chromosome, but its fate was sealed when it took on the mantle of creating males.”

    “Are the male trademarks of greed, aggression and promiscuity genetically based?”

    Bryan Sykes
    Geneticist, Author

    The Female has two XX chromsomes, the male has one X chromosome and a smaller Y. The XX more than 1,000 genes and 160 million base pairs of DNA. The Y chromosome – 78 genes, 23 million DNA subunits. Over an extensive period of time, the Y chromosome has been slowly degrading.


    In nearly all cases, Mitochondrial DNA (cellular organelles that manufacture and process most of the energy that our cells need to function) are passed matrilineally.


    Genetic diseases on average afflict males more than Females, and baby boys are one-and-a-half to two times more likely to die at birth than girls.




    Females mature and develop faster than boys.


    The hub for emotion and memory in Females is generally larger than in males. Parts of the frontal lobe, which houses decision-making and problem-solving functions, are proportionally larger in Females, as is the limbic cortex, which regulates emotions.


    Females overall have higher lifespans than males.


    Men commit a substantially greater amount of violent crime than Women. Of the total number of homicide victims in a 2004 study, 78 percent were male and 22 percent were female. A breakdown of the data by gender showed that 90.1 percent of the offenders were male and 9.9 percent were female.


    Overall, Females show better memory retention than males, and boys are classified as learning disabled at twice the rate of girls.


    Of course, there’s plenty of factual and empirical observations supporting the collective social and maternal importance of Females, too.


    Oh, and Females Are Mosaics is a good read, too.

    Regarding the tendency for males to be more prone to genetic diseases: this arises from an error on the X chromosome, which causes disease when there is no corresponding X chromosome with a good gene in a pair. But as we know, men are XY. A man with the bad gene on the X chromosome often gets the disease, as there is no second X chromosome. Women have a second good X chromosome which suppresses the bad X gene, leaving them disease-free, but as carriers. Males cannot be carriers, as they do not have the benefit of protection from a second X.

    You can read more about male mortality here, for a start.

    No one can deny the male is a derivative of the female template (why do men have nipples?). That is scientific fact. No one can deny Women are more genetically complex than men (XX vs. Xy chromosomes). No one can deny men are more prone to a number of diseases, and Women usually outlive men by an average of seven years. No one can deny Women bear the most vital sexual organs. No one can deny the main hub for emotion and memory formation is usually larger in a woman’s brain. No one can deny Women have a higher pain tolerance than men. No one can deny Women generally have better sensory ability than men. No one can deny that on average, Women are healthier than men of their own age.

    All the above stands aside of certain social truths that are evident enough if one takes the time. I invite people to read The Myth of Male Power, by Warren Farrell, a former NOW board member, to start.


    Links regarding the Female being the original default template:

    More updated data indicates that if SRY, the male determining gene, does not intervene during a critical window in development, the cells will default to the ovarian pathway. Femaleness results from the absence of any masculinizing genetic factor or hormone acting during the critical period of differentiation. This is why the embryo before sex differentiation is often referred often to as “proto-female”.

    This is why parthenogenesis is a reproductive option among Females in some parts of the animal world, and possibly ours too, in the near future—but only with the help of technology, as it doesn’t occur naturally in mammals, I believe.





    XX vs. Xy sex differences, Deterentiation, Mitochondrial inheritance, etc.

    “There are important genetic differences between the 46,XX and 46,XY karyotypes (Table 4). The obvious is the striking contrast in the size and known patterns of inheritance of the X and Y chromosomes.”

    http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/350/4/323 – “To date, there is no convincing evidence that an ovarian differentiation factor exists.”

    Discordant genetic Identity in males, male reversed-sex mutations, etc.


    Aging differences between males and females (longer female lifespan)

    “Human beings are living longer, women more so than men. Among people 85 years of age and older, there are 4 men for every 10 women.”

    Females Are Mosaics

    “In Females Are Mosaics, Barbara Migeon makes a very strong case that women are superior to men in coping with disease and the environment. This is because they have two types of cells in all their organs, each with one of the two X chromosomes genetically active and the other essentially silent.” —NEJM

    It takes an entire months cycle for the viability of an egg, whereas sperm, the disposable male reproductive cell designed to deteriorate after its purpose is ended, is produced by the millions discarded daily.

    Eggs are never ejaculated frivolously and wiped up with toilet paper or a sock. Consider that.

    And why do boys have nipples? Because in the womb, we all start out as Female two perfect XX chromosomes. Only when an alternate gene is introduced does the developing embryo become XY (male)a mutation of lifes original template, produced to accommodate the necessary process of sexual reproduction. In short, Women are complete human beings, and men are nothing more than genetically modified Women.

    In mammals, the male is big and complex indeed, but you cant ever get away from the fact males are here only as a result of a reproductive strategy nature took to create combinant genes. Its not like nature evolved the male forward past the female; the male is a variant of the female to accommodate a reproductive stratagem, and nothing more. He is and always will be a copy of a Female.

  2. MadamLorr said

    I find it interesting how some folks, because they can’t imagine others living differently from them, express outright visceral hatred for the Female Supremacy lifestyle, no matter how peaceful and non-imposing that lifestyle may be. To them I say… wake up, the world does not revolve around you. Your intolerance, which breeds your hatred, is motivated by fear. If you were secure in your own life, you wouldn’t be so hateful (fearful) of mine. If you were truly satisfied with your own life, you wouldn’t try to force others to live the same lifestyle as you in an attempt to validate your choices. It is not my job to reconcile your OWN internal conflicts, that’s your job.

    Yes, Female Supremacy is not the general experience and that is okay – no one is forcing you to pursue it.

  3. subtoGoddess said

    Female Supremacy is a viable paradigm when the psychology of the male is considered. The idea is unconventional, as Mistress Saraha Eve stated in the first post but i believe this is due to the socially constructed gender concepts by which most cultures operate. If males and Women would allow natural order to trump social construction, Female Supremacy would not seem unconventional, rather it would resonate with most, i humbly believe.
    There are many different views but nature suggests that Women can survive and thrive without males much more adequately than the other way around.

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